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RIKSTENS FRILUFTSSTAD - Make the most out of life

Rikstens friluftsstad, a vibrant Swedish residential area located south of Stockholm

Rikstens friluftsstad, located in Botkyrka municipality, has been developed from a military and civilian airfield to a vibrant and modern residential area. When finished in year 2032, there will be more than 3 500 homes. Rikstens friluftsstad is an urban development project in cooperation between Riksten Friluftsstad AB and Botkyrka municipality.

Rikstens friluftsstad is now being developed to a vivid residential area with more than 100 new homes per year. Currently, Rikstens friluftsstad is accommodating about 800 homes, kindergarten and school from grade 1-9, retirement home, working places, stores and service. A majority of the residents are families with children. The project commenced 2004, when the state-owned company Vasallen sold the area to Peab, which in turn created the company Riksten Friluftsstad AB.

Rikstens friluftsstad offers attractive homes close to both nature and public transports. The urban planning is described as spacious and suitable for people who put value in active outdoor lifestyle. The small-scale buildings give a vivid and inviting impression.

There are various forms of housing and tenures which provide the opportunity of housing careers. You can choose from rental apartments and student apartments to villas and retirement home.


Rikstens friluftsstad is located south of Tullinge in Sweden and covers an area of 370 hectare of land. The planning includes 9 local plans. When fully expanded there will be 10 000 – 12 000 inhabitants, 40 000 square meters, commercial facilities and 1 000 working places.

Riksten Friluftsstad AB (RFAB)

  • Project manage the exploitation, operate the detailed plans, divide and dispose building rights. RFAB is responsible, in collaboration with companies within PEAB, for the development of public facilities such as roads and recreation areas. Additionally, RFAB is involved in the construction and reconstruction of schools and kindergartens.
  • Cooperate in a joint project organization with the Botkyrka municipality – a key to success. In united meeting forums, issues regarding business intelligence, exploitation agreements, ongoing and forthgoing zoning, coordination of expansion of infrastructure and municipal service, are managed.
  • Is working actively with the security question with the aim to creare a vivid and safe residential area. Adapt the expansion of communal service and commerce based on population forecast. Provides common communication- and acitivity plans together with the municipality.
  • Is visible in the dialogue forum with the inhabitants. Striving to create value to the residents of Rikstens friluftsstad. That includes questions such as denser bus departures, school buses and better scavenging. The office of RFAB is located in the area with the aim to strengthen the community, sensitivity and understanding.


Botkyrka municipality has made a proposal of several sustainability challenges that must be answered during the ongoing urban developments in the municipality. Great importance is attached to the planning of the public space and its venues within the residential area. There is an continuous and visible dialogue with the inhabitants in various forums during the planning and implementation. During the development of the area, there is an ongoing and ambitious environmental work that is described in detail in our environmental action program for Rikstens friluftsstad.

Short facts

Service: Urban development, residential- and property development and construction operations.
Mission: 3 500 homes, 1 000 working places, 9 local plans.
Commenced: 2004.
Completed: 2032.
Cooperation: Riksten Friluftsstad AB (RFAB) owned by Peab and Botkyrka municipality.
Municipality: Tullinge, Botkyrka municipality, located south of Stockholm in Sweden.

About Peab

Peab is a leading Nordic construction and civil engineering company with about 15,000 employees and about SEK 63 billion in net sales. The Group has strategically placed offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Company headquarters are in Förslöv on Bjäre Peninsula in southern Sweden. The Peab share is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm.

Updated 2023-06-30


Riksten Friluftsstad AB

Kanslivägen 29
146 37 Tullinge

Telefon: 08-449 95 30

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Riksten Friluftsstad AB är ett helägt dotterbolag till Peab Sverige AB. 

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